Hello All

No doubt you are all enjoying your day off thanks to the teachers striking. Its a pity the Teachers  never striked when any of the Leaders were in School.  Just a quick thanks to all of you who attended the weekend in Mountain Ventures Hostel, it was a great weekend and everybody behaved really well. Th Seniors did an excellent job getting as far as they did on their hike, Ian was really impressed with the enthusiasm showed by all the of you guys. The Juniors did excellent on their hike, the weather conditions  were a huge challenge. A number of the Junior Scouts should be very wary when we go on our next hike near water, revenge is sweet !!!!  Lisa should also be very very afraid. Well done to Rachel and Eoin for winning the best Hiker awards and Matthew for best Scout of the weekend. To Aidan and Gavin or was it Gavin and Aidan there was no competition to you at all.  Thanks to Michelle and Eva who made a special effort to come down on Saturday night.  Just a final word to let you all know that Conor is feeling a lot better.

By the way we have a new facebook page called, Brackenstown Raven Troop, there are pictures of the weekend on it. 

 Lisa will tell you all about it on Thursday.   

See you all Thursday

The Leaders

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