Interpatrol Update – Week 3

It is unbelievably close in our Interpatrol competition! Merlins  are leading the way with Kestrels just 1.6 points behind! The Falcons are breathing down their necks only 6 points behind. This is quite impressive considering the score they got in Week1 – really upping their game! The standard of uniforms has really improved with one or two Scouts earning a perfect 50 points for their Patrol…… the marking has been quite tough and some Scouts just need minor improvements to get a perfect score.

We will keep all of the info about the Inter Patrol competition in the dedicated area of our website (Interpatrol Competition tab on top) or  Click Here

This was Week 3 of the competition and Sarah G and Patrick notched up points during the Drill competition. Sarah has won Drill 2 weeks out of 3, can anyone beat her?!?

The Eagle Patrol had just 2 members this week but Sam and Josh had perfect uniform and performed excellently in the Skit to earn 50 points

Well done to all of our Patrols, you all really have gotten stuck in and have shown great enthusiasm over the past 3 weeks! Keep it up!

Current Leader Board

Patrol Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Total
Merlin 467 273.6 306 1046.6
Kestrel 417 310 587 1045
Falcon 297.5 351.5 390 1039
Eagle 189 297.5 150 636.5



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